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I remember the first time I tried Uliv, Lishawn was visiting the shop I worked at and told me about her product. She gave me a sample and I was instantly hooked. Before I started using the cream I felt really lost when it came to beauty routines, I wasn't very into makeup but I felt like I had to wear at least a tinted moisturizer to look and feel good. But once I started using Uliv, I completely stopped wearing face makeup! But I think the greater gift is that Uliv opened me up to the natural beauty world and made me realize how unnecessary it is to use beauty products with harmful chemicals. It feels so good to put Uliv on, not only because of the moisturizing benefits, but also because I know I have something on my skin that is from the earth. I can honestly say that using this cream has made me more intentional about what I put on my body and also what I consume. This extends beyond my beauty and diet routine, but also, for me, it extends into my shopping habits. I made a conscious choice over a year ago to stop supporting unethical brands and fast fashion chains, because of the environmental impact as well as the human & social impact. I sell vintage and recycled clothing, and I'm a vintage + secondhand stylist. We live in a world where quick, mindless consumption has become the norm, but I believe that by making small, intentional changes day to day can lead to big changes in the long run.

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